Cyborg Fiction

Cyborg Fiction is an experimental piece by Natalie Greenberg, completed as part of her cinema theory work on the cyborg. The piece takes a confessional structure, and addresses the multiplicity of voices and identity of one person. To address this, Natalie takes on different personas, changing her appearance but remaining herself. In each persona, she portrays a different woman from cinema, in her own words confessing to the woman’s actions and experiences in each film. In Natalie’s words, “by interacting with the films, and enacting the films, [she] question[s] the position of the audience, and also address the ways in which we understand our own subjectivity in terms of cinematic narratives and characters.” In taking on these inauthentic roles that, as a non-actor, she was not able to fully embody, Natalie found that she freed herself to tell her own stories through the characters. For my part, I interpreted the looks of each woman from cinema that she chose to take on and made her up in that interpretation. Here are some highlights:

Natalie as Kim Novak in Vertigo

Natalie as Kim Novak in Vertigo

Natalie as Bette Davis in Now Voyager

Natalie as Bette Davis in Now Voyager


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